Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats at Muddy Boots

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The Bon Bon’s concept recreates an old-fashioned sweet shop. They choose their traditional sweets with care and offer something for everyone. They have everything from Chocolate Lime parcels to Liquorice & Aniseed, which are hand-made in open top copper boiling pans and then carefully packed by hand. Let’s not forget the kids! Remember Traffic Light Lollies that change colour after many mouth watering minutes and colourful Candy Necklaces where the only decision is to eat it or wear it?

We offer a large selection of Bon Bon’s traditional sweets, as well as fudge bags, marshmallows and even sugar-free packs for those with dietary requirements.  It is really very hard to choose a favourite!

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This recent addition to our shop has been extremely popular with our customers and it isn’t hard to see why!   These colourful meringues have a wonderful gooey centre, and come in a variety of flavours.

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Alec’s Homemade Tablet

A Scottish farmshop staple.  When Alec manages to get out of the field, it is usually to make yet another batch of his famous, homemade tablet.  Perfect as a gift, or as a little treat!

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