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We have been very choosy over the past 5 years when selecting which ranges to stock in our shop.

Mrs DarlingtonMrs D Curd

Mrs Darlington started making her award-winning range of products in the 1980s. A surplus of eggs from the family farm led her to use them up by making batches her homemade lemon curd.  100 jars was a typical day’s production!  She then sold the lemon curd on her egg round in the local towns and villages, with the local brownies collecting jars and Mrs Darlington’s daughters labelling them after school for a halfpenny per jar.

That same lemon curd is our bestselling preserve, and we stock a large range of Mrs Darlington’s curds, chutneys and jams.

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GL JamGalloway Lodge

Based in Dumfries and Galloway, Galloway Lodge have been producing their high quality jams, marmalades and chutneys for over 40 years.   Only the finest ingredients are used  and cooked in small batches using traditional methods – this guarantees a quality product with an authentic taste.

We serve Galloway Lodge’s delicious jam in the café with our scones and pancakes, and as a filling in our Victoria sponge.

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Little DooneLD 2

Little Doone sweet balsamic dressing is produced by Colin and Tanya. Colin decided to develop his family recipe for this dressing after he was made redundant, and it is now an award winner.

We are lucky to have found such an amazing product, which is now available in over 10 varieties in addition to the original. We use it in the café on our side salads – and keep one at home just to dip bread into while tea is in the oven!

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 Heather HillsHH 1

Heather Hills Farm is a traditional family-run honey farm based in the Highlands of Perthshire – the heartland of Scotland. They specialise in a selection of 100% pure, raw, monofloral and polyfloral honeys and handmade preserves.

Starting off with just one hive in 1945, they now have 1300 hives across Perthshire and Deeside – the most beautiful and unpolluted parts of the UK. This relatively small-scale ensures their hives are regularly and well spaced out in small batches by zones. This means that the bees have plenty of opportunity to roam – up to a 5 mile radius of each hive – giving a superior quality product. A bigger producer would normally cram around 100 hives into the same space – thus reducing the quality of the product.

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