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Frozen Food at Muddy BootsWe have a large selection of Field Fare frozen fruit and veg mixes. These are great to add to any meal, help make a quick dessert or – one of our favourites – to make frozen fruit smoothies with.

We also stock a range of frozen ready meals. The asparagus and gruyere crown or sweet pepper and goats cheese tart are a brilliant tasty meal at the end of a hard day, or a perfect vegetarian dish to bring out when you have guests for dinner.

One of our best selling frozen lines are the pastries. We don’t know of any pastry that tastes so good outside France. For the majority of the Field Fare range, you leave the pastries out overnight to prove on a baking tray before baking them in the morning. Amazing.

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We have two main suppliers of ice-cream: Cream O’ Galloway and Belhaven Fruit Farm.


Cream O’ Galloway has been making ice-cream on their dairy farm for the past 20 years. David and Wilma at Cream O’ Galloway agree that the simplest things in life are the best. They make their ice-cream with pure, natural and simple ingredients.

This lightness of touch shines through when you taste the ice-cream. In our own family, we believe it is unparalleled in its taste and quality.

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