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Angelic SweetAngelic Biscuits & Crackers

Angelic was founded in 2012, with the mission of creating great tasting gluten free foods that the whole family can enjoy!  Angelic supply a range of both sweet and savoury biscuits and crackers which are gluten, dairy and egg free.  Even better, all their products are made with all natural ingredients, making life easier for everyone eating gluten free!

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Manomasa had their light bulb moment sat at the bar of a bustling taquería as they scooped zesty, fresh salsa onto perfectly hot, crunchy totopos. There and then, they decided that they would put their masa where their mouth was and bring the colour, flavour and excitement of global street food home.

Their motto as they dream up each new batch is simple: anything is possible if you add a little spirit.

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Extra Nibbles

We also stock Burts crisps and Adamsons Pittenweem Oatcakes and are constantly updating our selection of biscuits and snacks, so be sure to take some time during your visit to take a look around our shop.

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