Pig Racing new to Muddy Boots

We have just had our first ever day of pig racing today. The only Pig Racing farm park in Scotland! We have 6 very cute little Saddleback x pink pig weaners, who have been given very apt racing names, Ham-ilton, Sow-wester, Spamala Anderson, Chop-chop, Streaky and Usain Boar!

The first race was very comical with the pigs running about in all directions, the eventual winner was Sow-wester who just pipped Ham-ilton to the win. For the second race the pigs were getting the hang of racing and were standing waiting at the gate for the off, it was still a wiggly race but at a much faster pace and Ham-iton jumped past Chop-chop at the finish line to take the win.

Everyone loved watching the racing which is on everyday of the holidays at 11:30 and 3:30 and every weekend until November. It’s a great event and really entertaining.

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