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Rheas are Paddys new additions

Paddy can’t help but have his head turned by a bird showing a lot of leg! When we were having a family day off, at East Links Farm Park at Dunbar, he fianlly persuaded me to allow him to buy two Rhea keets (chicks). We won’t know if we have girls or boys for some time yet, but we would love to be able to hatch out our own, whats more the ‘Daddy’ birds sit on the clutch of eggs and then rear the young as single parents! The distracting problem we are having at the moment is the noise the young keets make, we have been promised that they will grow out of this, but it sounds like we are continually being bombed.

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Out of this world

We had a massive surprise yesterday when a “real life” NASA astronaut came in for lunch in the cafe! Alvin Drew is over from Huston touring some Scottish schools and popped in for lunch on his way to St Andrews uni. All of the team at work were left very excited, but those who weren’t here yesterday were left gutted they missed him.

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Superhero weather and parties

Great weather today! Making the most of it BBQ for tea, puddledub sausages and burgers, jersey potato salad and strawbs, the perfect seasonal menu!

We had a group of superheroes assemble today at Muddy Boots for a birthday party, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, Superman, Superwoman, Captain America and The Incredibles. It was great to see so many parents in costume and they looked like they enjoyed the day as much or more than the kids, amazing what an alter ego can do for you.

Paddy is collecting three new pigs on Wednesday for our new attraction starting on the 29th June, watch this space.

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Gruffalo birthday cake

Planning to make Fraser a Gruffalo birthday cake using chocolate sponge, the purple prickles, orange eyes, terrible teeth and claws and a great poisonous wart are all going to be liquorice comfits – perfect. Fynn was a little more testing he asked for a telescopic manitou tractor!

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Dreaming of Barbecues and Strawberries

Dad has just published the weather reports for April.  Can’t believe how much rain we have had.  My theory is if it rains that much now then we must have a cracking summer coming?  Dreaming of BBQs every night followed by strawberries and cream if I am being good or ice-cream to really push the boat out.

Muddy Boots Orchard

We have managed to avoid the frost so far so should have a successful orchard fruit season in September, already got a pile of cherry crumble cake recipes or cherry and chocolate sponge.  Moira is just putting together a summer tasting and recipe calendar to help you make the most of the seasonal fruit and veg on offer.


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Sponge, Hummingbirds and Chocolate Torte

Visitors from Canada loved our new Lemon Poppyseed sponge, due to its moist yumminess and gave us the recipe for there favourite, Hummingbird cake with lots of tropical fruit it is also lovely, although the passionfruit and cream cheese topping is my favourite bit.

This has lead us to us the quieter time after the Easter holidays to experiment with more cake recipes. A clear winner is a new chocolate torte, it looks beautiful, is incredibly light and is made with ground almonds, so the best bit is it just happens to be Gluten free.

Chocolate Cake at Muddy Boots Cafe

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Lambs ready to return

Our wee lambs are now ready to return to the farm to join the rest of the flock out in the fields. The lambs have been little stars enjoying the attention of being bottle fed by all the play area visitors.

Lambs at Muddy Boots Farm

My favourite time, and I think theirs, was in the morning before we open when they get to run around on the sledging slope – playing and exploring like little kids, really inquisitive and cute.

We will have new orphan lambs next Easter needing bottle fed.

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