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Pig Racing

Pig racing at Muddy Boots

Pig racing will return in Spring 2018.  Check here and on our Facebook page for updates!

Watch this unique sporting race, buy a badge to show your support and cheer your favourite pig down the home straight. A brilliant and funny race that the whole family will love to watch. A firm favourite with regular customers and first time visitors alike.

Our piggies love to race, getting excited as the crowds appear. They tear round the course and enjoy a sumptuous meal of pig nuts at the end. It is the piggies’ choice if they wish to take part. All piggies are fed at the end of the race if they compete or not.

While visiting the race track you will be able to spot Alec’s Highland Cows in the field above. We have two black Highlanders – Bramble and Tiree. Currently Bramble has a calf at foot too. Black was the traditional colour of Highlanders, not the toffee colour we are all used to now.

Pig racing runs once a day, from approximately March until September, at the weekends and during the school holidays.


Pig racing is included in our Daily and Seasons Pass Entry Fees, which can be purchased online here. Just before a race you will get the chance to purchase a racing team badge to support your chosen piggy for £1 from our play staff.

Pig racing takes place on weekends around 3pm and during the holiday weekdays around 2pm. (Times are approximate.)

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